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With a wide range of design and colour choices the concrete driveways we offer are durable and complement all modern housing designs from exposed aggregate through to coloured concrete. Together we will be designing and constructing your ideal driveway for your home or commercial landscape. A complete driveway installation service is provided for in our decorative concrete along with excavation, drainage, concrete pouring, cutting, cleaning and sealing.

Within an affordable budget range, we offer clients designs and shape options that are flexible, and easy to maintain. You can trust on the quality of our cement driveways, and in the quality of our craft. Your project will be surely delivered on time and above expectations because our friendly staff are there to make sure of it.

  • Durability and complement modern housing designs is offered
  • Many flexible design, shape and colour choices
  • Complete driveway installation service is provided
  • Budget range that is affordable
  • Our driveway quality is something you can count on

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It is always a wise choice to opt for a solid driveway. It’s affordable, and it also look good. It’s completely maintenance-free, because it may require a little TLC after a few years or so. Allow us to keep your concrete driveway, be it a plain one, coloured or exposed aggregate performing at its best and looking good as the day it was installed.


Choosing a material that is durable and can withstand the test of time should be your main consideration when it comes to building your driveway. A great option is concrete as a new concrete’s driveway can last up to 35 years.

Your concrete driveway can remain in excellent condition with proper care and maintenance for as long as 50 years (and even more).

Concrete doesn’t change its structure in high temperatures especially during hot Australian summers, which is among its major advantages. Concrete remains relatively cool, and it is an ideal choice for Darwin homes.

Driveway maintenance

Some maintenance with regular cleaning is needed, if you want your classic concrete driveway in Darwin to last. You’d need a brush to simply scrub your driveway, and the dirt removed by spraying water with a garden hose.

Any oil stains coming from your car should easily come off with a simple spray when the driveway has been sealed properly. A concrete driveway can also add functionality, and aesthetic appeal and great value to your home.

Seek out qualified driveway specialists equipped with extensive experience with concrete for your classic concrete driveway in Darwin to stay in perfect shape for years to come.

Aside from questions about labour and material estimates, you should also check how long it will take to cure the concrete so that you can get a rough idea of when you will be able to start using your new driveway. Make sure that you do the following, in order to get the most out of yours:

Avoid heavyweights

Huge amount of stress can be placed by heavy loads such as large trucks and vans on a driveway if they frequently cross it. This can cause ruts and breaks, so to prolong the periods of time on your driveway avoid parking similar vehicles.

Treat spills as soon as possible

A large, ugly stain on a driveway is unpleasant to look at, whether it is from chemicals or oil stains. Make sure you treat stains the moment they appear, to prevent your driveway needing a resurfacing before its time. Use an absorbent material to cover the stain such as cat litter for a few hours. You can then dispose of the soiled materials afterwards and clean the area with a common household detergent.

Treat even small cracks immediately

A small crack may, unknowingly grow wider, and the weeds may begin to grow in said areas overnight. These would make any repair more challenging because the weeds will be pulling water to the area. Don’t allow it to happen.

You can make, Pro Driveways Darwin, as your go-to maintenance experts. Give us a call today, for things related to your driveways so that we can be of help.


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