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Exposed Aggregate Driveways

Exposed Aggregate

Seamlessly blending forms and functions surfacing solution

Exposed aggregate is often called as the king of driveway materials and is a popular outdoor surfacing solution for Australian homes. Exposed aggregate concrete transforms functional surfaces into design statements that last for decades because of its durability, colours, and endless versatility, and boost the overall value of your property.

What is exposed concrete?

Traditionally, for an even finish to be created, the concrete is smoothed off as it is laid. Using this technique produces a clean, uniform finish, smooth surfaces but said surfaces can look a little boring and are actually less practical in terms of traction and durability. But exposed aggregate concrete utilises exposed stones and pebbles for the colours and textures to be created, and traction and durability is improved. The internal structure of the concrete is exposed to produce an exposed aggregate driveway for an elegant natural finish, perfect for outdoor areas that require a little more grip. The result of which produces a wonderfully versatile, durable surface that will make an elegant design statement.

A truly versatile material

There is no virtual limitation to the number of different colours, textures and effects which can be created using exposed aggregate. An aggregate with varying sizes and grades used to create different effects can be made using almost any type of stone or sand. A glossy finish that catches the light by mixing quartz into an aggregate. It can also be boosted further with the use of coloured glass. The colour options available are virtually limitless because the materials used in exposed aggregate concrete are so wide ranging. Colours have a range from chic neutrals to bold hues like emerald green and rose pink.

The team at A Better Driveway can assist you if you’re unsure about what colour scheme and finish would best suit your home and find a surfacing solution that compliments the exterior of your property. We work with our clients to choose the right colour grade and base texture, and there are different ways to adapt exposed aggregate for your needs. Whether it be done through colour, texture or fricative properties, it will always result to a beautiful, textured finish. So, contact us for driveways in Darwin.


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Finish Options

Water wash

It is a method that doesn’t require chemical retarders or special tools, it involves simply washing away the surface mortar covering the aggregate. The surface is sprayed with water and scrubbed with a broom until the desired effect is achieved. You’ll get a classic exposed aggregate that is functional, durable, and provides an eye-catching result.


After the concrete has set and hardened through abrasive blasting, it is the method called sandblasting. It is a method that is ideal for a consistent, even finish is created, and can be particularly useful for surfacing steep driveways and even vertical surfaces, but the colour and shape for the aggregate can be taken away by dulling it.

Pavilion finish

An acid solution is used by the pavilion finish for the cement to be removed from around the aggregate to varying depths. The acid solution is applied after the surface is ground down, and this results in greatly improved slip resistance as well as a finer texture.


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