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Our concrete driveways are all in compliance with the national concrete standards backed with a 5-year structural guarantee; but your concrete driveway will surely last a long time! We have staff that are experts in concrete and for each project – accurate and competitive quotes are provided. Our services are not merely for driveways, we also provide a range of concrete solutions to your home or office including entertaining areas and patios, pool areas, paths and decorative features.

Finding the right surfacing solution to transform the look of your property and improvement of its street appeal is among our commitment. Regardless of what you want your driveway to make a bold design statement, or something which simply enhances the pre-existing design features of your property, we have concrete finishes that are suitable for every property. We also have the skills and the resources that are needed to meet your needs.

There should be more than what meets the eye when it comes to your driveway because it is the pathway that leads to your home. People will know a lot about how you want to be viewed just by your driveway alone. Hence, it is as important that you understand that the exteriors of your home or office are as important as the interiors.

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One of our most popular driveway finishes known for its premium and contemporary appearance is exposed aggregate. There a vast range of colours and textured aggregate that will suit all landscape and architectural desires for your home.

At Concept concrete coloured concrete comes in a myriad of colours and is very durable. The concrete is mixed into the coloured oxide prior to laying it, to ensure that you get a rich and even colour throughout. If you want a deeper colour, colour sealing the driveway is recommended to our clients.

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With Pro Driveways Darwin’s fantastic stencilled concreting intricate designs and easy style are made available. The process is simple, beginning with laying down wet concrete, application of a stencil to the surface level to leave an impression follows and it is often in an interlocking tiles or bricks style.

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